Tips For Data Center Relocation


The data center is the building that is dedicated to protecting and storing the servers and all the business information. Moving your data center to a different location can be a daunting task. There are however steps that you can follow to keep you on track while preparing to for relocating the data center. They can help you also avoid the disastrous failure in the network.

Steps to help you relocate your data center

Make a budget estimate


You need to meet with IT experts and the management to do an estimation of the cost of relocating the data center. Make sure that the IT service provider agrees that the coat is realistic for the given time frame. A small budget limits the number of resources that the IT specialist or mover will use to complete the relocation job. This is likely to lead to mistakes and delays in the process. To save yourself from such stress, create a realistic budget.

Create a data recovery plan

There may be a disaster like powers outage or backup failure so ensure you have an appropriate plan for data recovery in place. Prioritize the disasters that would cause more damage and make a strategy for them while you prepare to move your data center.

Inform service providers and staff

You should ensure that your staff is aware of your data center relocation and the responsibilities they have in assisting during the move. Service providers also should be informed too in case the relocation will affect their services.

Create an inventory

You should take note of the serial numbers of all software and hardware and label them before moving. It is vital also to note the condition, size, and weight as this information will assist the movers.

Cover your equipment

Before you can start the process, it is wise to check with the movers or your equipment manufacturers that the insurance and warranties are in place. You want to ensure that if there is an event of an accident, then your equipment can be fully replaced.

Review the new center

When evaluating your new data center, ensure the power, cooling, security, and cabling are adequate. All the requirements for the equipment should also be met and any discrepancies corrected before moving.

Backup the data

datarecoveryrightcsvdbxcnvb,This by far is the most critical step during the relocation of your data center. You must backup all the data so that if the data recovery plan fails, you have a repository for storing the same data. Test the backups repeatedly before starting the movement to ensure they are working.

These steps will help you relocate your data center successfully without losing any data so follow them when moving your data center.